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Patent and Testing Report

Advanced production equipment and testing equipment.

Production and Test Equipment

Developed a  new type of anti-pollution flash coating of the advanced level.

High Level of Service Team with Scientific Management

Serve the society throughout the country.


Since its establishment, YF POWER is committed to long-term close cooperation with Nankai University, Tianjin University,  through the combination of production, learning  and research, has introduced  advanced   production  equipment and testing  equipment, in the development of new products and continuously improve existing products, technical performance and product quality, the company has eight patent technology, The company's  products  all through  the  domestic authority of the  inspection agency certification,  inspection report with Chinese EPRI, Wugaosuo, Huanbei EPRI, etc..


YF POWER has advanced production equipment and technology research and development center, and the introduction of  production and testing technology, modern digital  system, and adopt scientific formula and advanced process, based on the  ordinary type of anti-pollution flash coating, development and production of a new type of  anti-pollution flash coating of the  advanced level.


The seven test is our company focus on large customers (the use of 3 tons and above) an additional free customer service to provide, through the use of one year after the operation cycle, to make a comprehensive analysis by the seven detection of paint, paint curing, out that hydrophobic and hydrophobic transfer, tear degree, surface resistivity, arc resistance and other data, the use of the comprehensive judgment of coating, according to the data provided to party a notice, to ensure that the service life beyond life, save the costfor the party!

Outdoor Operations

We provide complete service with high level service team and scientific management.

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