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Zinc Metal Oxide Varistor Disc for Surge Arresters

ZnO resistor is the core element of the lightning arrester. It mainly protects power system equipment by limiting lightning overvoltage to ensure that the line does not trip.

The performance indicators of ZnO resistors mainly include potential gradient, flow capacity, and nonlinear coefficient, which are determined by the formula and process on the macro level and by the "ZnO grain-boundary layer" characteristics on the micro level.

YF POWER, as a professional manufacturer of MOV blocks, provides you with brilliant-performance zinc oxide discs. We have focused on developing Zinc Oxide blocks for surge arresters since established. Our high-quality, high-performance Zinc Oxide blocks are available in various sizes tailored for applications ranging from light to heavy-duty, suitable for both AC and DC environments, and adaptable to different installation conditions. If you require ZnO blocks, don't hesitate to contact us.

zinc oxide disc
zno blocks
zinc oxide disc
zno blocks

Specification of Zinc Metal Oxide Varistor Disc for Surge Arrester

No.SpecificationsDiameter±0.5mmDC 1mA reference voltage ±0.5kVLightning
impulse current
residual voltage
times kA
Square wave
18times A

current at
voltage ≤
651501.8Charge rate


Features of Zinc Metal Oxide Varistor Disc for Surge Arrester

  • Small current area: the resistance sheet presents a high resistance value, and the current flowing is below 1mA. The ratio of the inflexion point voltage to the thickness of the resistance sheet in this area is a potential gradient.

  • Non-linear area: It is the working area of the resistor. The flatter the U-I  curve, the higher the non-linear coefficient of the resistor; The wider the range, the better the flow capacity.

  • High current area: the resistance sheet may be damaged when it enters the low resistance state.

Performance Characteristics Of YF POWER Zinc Oxide Blocks

  • Long operational lifespan.

  • Excellent non-linear characteristics for optimal performance.

  • Capable of handling high discharge currents.

  • Compact design suitable for various installation scenarios.

  • Available in a wide range of product options to meet diverse application requirements.

The Structure of A ZnO (Zinc Oxide) Resistor

The structure of a ZnO (Zinc Oxide) resistor typically consists of several key components:

ZnO grain: it is the main body of the resistance sheet, there is a small amount of cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn) and other elements in the solid solution accounting for more than 90% of the volume, and the size is 5-15 μ m. The resistivity is 0.001-0. l Ω. m and there is a small amount of cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn) and other elements in the solid solution.

Grain boundary layer: it is the enrichment area of dopants. The resistivity under a low electric field is greater than l00M Ω. m, and it is in the conduction state under a high electric field. The grain boundary layer is the source of pressure-sensitive characteristics.

The combination of these components forms the fundamental structure of a ZnO resistor. This structure is designed to enable the resistor to function effectively, especially in applications related to surge protection, where it limits overvoltage and ensures the stability of electrical systems.

Applications of Zinc Metal Oxide Varistor Disc

Zinc Metal Oxide Varistor Discs, often referred to as "zinc oxide discs" or "ZnO blocks," are versatile components with a wide array of applications in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. These specialized discs are prized for their ability to manage electrical surges and transient voltage fluctuations, making them indispensable in various scenarios. Here are some key applications of zinc oxide discs:

  1. Surge Protection Devices: Zinc oxide discs excel in diverting and dissipating excess energy during voltage spikes or surges, shielding sensitive equipment and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

  2. Lightning Arresters: In lightning protection systems, zinc oxide discs channel and safely ground the immense energy of lightning strikes, protecting structures and infrastructure from damage.

  3. Power Distribution Systems: ZnO blocks are integral components in power distribution systems, including substations and transformers. They help maintain the integrity of equipment and ensure stable electricity distribution.

  4. Consumer Electronics: In everyday devices such as televisions, computers, and home appliances, zinc oxide discs protect against voltage fluctuations, safeguarding electronics and enhancing their longevity.

  5. Industrial Machinery: Zinc oxide discs can shield crucial components from electrical disturbances, particularly during power switching or operational phases.

  6. Telecommunications: Telecommunication equipment relies on the surge protection provided by zinc oxide discs to maintain uninterrupted communication and data transmission.

  7. Automotive Electronics: In the automotive industry, these discs protect vital electronic systems, such as engine control units (ECUs), from voltage transients and fluctuations.

  8. Renewable Energy Systems: Solar and wind energy systems benefit from the inclusion of zinc oxide discs to protect power inverters and control systems from voltage variations and lightning-induced surges.

  9. Medical Equipment: Sensitive medical devices, including diagnostic and imaging equipment, depend on zinc oxide discs to ensure consistent power quality and to guard against electrical anomalies.

  10. Railway and Transportation: Railway signaling and control systems incorporate zinc oxide discs to maintain the reliability and safety of transportation operations.

  11. Power Quality Enhancement: Zinc oxide discs can be applied in power quality improvement systems to mitigate harmonics, stabilize voltage, and protect against transient disturbances.

  12. Arc Suppression: In applications where electrical arcing poses risks, such as in circuit breakers and switches, zinc oxide discs assist in suppressing arcs and enhancing safety.

YF POWER stands as a distinguished name in the realm of Zinc Oxide Disc manufacturing. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and our expertise in producing high-quality, customized ZnO blocks tailored to a multitude of applications. Contact us today to make inquiries and explore how we can provide you with the perfect Zinc Oxide Disc solutions for your applications.

YF Power: Pioneering Excellence in Zinc Oxide Discs for Surge Protection

YF Power, a trailblazer in the industry, has emerged as a leading provider of zinc oxide discs, demonstrating a commitment to innovation, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. 

  • Long-Term Collaborations: YF Power has fostered long-term collaborations with esteemed institutions like Nankai University and Tianjin University, synergizing production, learning, and research.

  • Advanced Production Equipment: The company has introduced cutting-edge production equipment, emphasizing its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in zinc oxide disc manufacturing.

  • Innovation and Patented Technologies: With eight patented technologies, YF Power demonstrates a commitment to innovation, ensuring that its zinc oxide discs incorporate the latest advancements in surge protection technology.

  • Certifications and Inspection Reports: YF Power's products undergo rigorous testing and have received certifications from domestic inspection agencies, including Chinese EPRI, Wugaosuo, and Huanbei EPRI.

  • Technology Research and Development Center: The company's cutting-edge production facilities and research and development center, equipped with modern digital systems.

  • Scientific Formulas and Advanced Processes: YF Power adopts scientific formulas and advanced processes in the production of zinc oxide discs, ensuring optimal performance and quality.

  • Unique Seven-Test Approach: YF Power's unique seven-test approach, specifically tailored for large customers (3 tons and above), provides a comprehensive analysis of coating performance, ensuring longevity and cost savings.

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