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FZS3-12/2.5 12kV Post Insulators

End sealing is one of the key technologies of all composite insulator products, which directly affects the long-term reliability of the product. If the end sealing is not good, moisture will easily invade along the sealing interface, and hydrofluoric acid will corrode the mandrel under the action of a strong electric field. The glass fiber will eventually lead to the brittleness of the mandrel, causing the composite insulator to hang and string, causing the power grid accident. Therefore, the end seal is another key indicator of product quality.

Learn from the advanced experience of the existing composite insulator end sealing, improve the sealing structure, add sawtooth grooves, adopt the overall injection encapsulation process, and make chemical cross-linking reactions between mandrels, fittings, and silicone rubber through primer coating to achieve higher adhesion. The connection effect improves the reliability of the interface seal.

bus post insulator in substation

Specification of FZS3-12/2.5 12kV Composite Post Insulators

Height (mm)215
Min. creepage distance (mm)129
Min. nominal creepage distance (mm)300
Rated mechanical distance loadBent5
kN.m Distortion (kN)0.6
Power frequency
withstand voltage
1min Wet (kV)30
1min Dry (kV)42
Full wave lightning impulse voltage (peak value) (kV)75
The highest voltage of equipment (kV)12

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