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Rubber Press Moulding Machine

A rubber press molding machine is suitable for the vulcanization of various rubber products and is an advanced hot pressing equipment for pressing and molding various thermosetting plastics. It is divided into three forms: electric heating, steam heating, and oil heating. Mainly used for vulcanized parallel tapes, such as conveyor belts, transmission belts and pressed rubber products, foam plastics, thermosetting plastics (bakelite), and other plastic products.

lsr moulding machine

Rubber Press Moulding Machine Features

  • The full cover mode makes the machine cleaner and safer.

  • The special front-to-back Aspect ratio design can make more efficient use of the site space.

  • A special multi-stage feeding design can achieve the best exhaust effect for raw materials.

  • Imported high-precision electronic rulers, combined with advanced PC algorithms, can achieve extremely accurate measurements.

  • The application of an electro-hydraulic integrated servo system makes the machine more silent, energy-saving, fast, accurate and has low oil temperature.

  • The feeding and injection parts are individually temperature controlled to ensure that the material temperature can meet the needs of various production formulas and processes.

  • The fast and slow mold calibration function makes the installation of molds more precise and safe.

  • Rubber and silicone are universal, and silicone requires the addition of a silicone feeding barrel.

Main Components of Rubber Press Moulding Machine






Master cylinder

QT500-7 nodular cast iron

After aging passivation, it has good toughness and high tensile strength


Main piston

Chilled white cast iron

Ultra-high hardness, wear-resistant


Upper and middle seat castings

QT500-7 nodular cast iron

After aging passivation, it has good toughness and high tensile strength




Medium carbon steel plated with hard engraved treatment, guided by oil-free bearings and equipped with dust seals


Column nut

QT500-7 nodular cast iron

Adopting trapezoidal teeth and a special anti-loosening design


Electric heating tube

Iron cadmium alloy wire

Adopting a multi-stage design for durability



Industry PC

The dual CPU system has fast response speed, accurate positioning, and precise measurement


Hydraulic system

Electro-Hydraulic Servo

Energy saving, noise reduction, fast response, high accuracy, less heat generation, and low oil temperature

Rubber Press Moulding Machine Characteristics

  • Comprehensive international standardization of all components。

  • With the application of an algorithm, the Industrial PC of Taiwan Unilever can control emissions more accurately.

  • Adopting a servo system, with higher accuracy, more energy-saving, silent, and fast.

  • The plane accuracy is as high as 0.03mm. The plane accuracy is as high as ±0.03mm.

  • Average temperature distribution of hot plate ± 3 ° C

  • The exhaust accuracy meets the requirement of 100%.

  • The oil red base adopts 3D mechanical analysis, integrated casting molding, and structural strengthening.

  • Adding an inverted boss to the middle seat for better parallelism.

  • The tripod adopts a channel steel structure, which has higher strength.

Types of Rubber Press Moulding Machine




Clamping force (T)

2Trip (mm)250250250300300300
3Machine countertop (mm)550X560650X600650X650750X750800X800900X900

Cylinder diameter (mm)


Power (kW)

6Dual-axis electric heating power (kw)273838465056
7Total power (kw)425353616571
8Weight (T)71011141620
9Machine size (M)3.3X2.4X2.23.5X2.6X2.23.5X2.7X2.23.7X2.8X2.43.8X2.9X2.44X3.1X2.7

Optional Items for the Rubber Press Molding Machine

  • Gantry frame.

  • Demolding bracket.

  • Safety electric eye.

  • Vacuum the mold.

  • Blow air into the mold.

  • Each electric heating tube has a broken wire alarm.

  • Mold temperature machine.

  • Separate temperature control of the upper mold.

  • Four-cylinder first-in, first-out injection system.

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