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Cutout Switch ZW32-12

The ZW32 outdoor HV vacuum breaker is a kind of outdoor power distribution equipment on rated voltage 12kV, 15kV and three-phase AC 50Hz~60Hz. It is used for protecting and controlling distribution systems in transformer substations and industrial and mining enterprises. It can also be used for frequent operation in country electric networks. And it can be used as a ring network power supply unit and terminal unit to distribute electric energy, and control and protect electric equipment. 

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Specifications of Cutout Switch ZW32-12

Rated voltage

Rated insulation levelPower frequency
withstand voltage
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (Peak value)
Rated currentA200/400/630/1250
Rated short circuit-breaking currentKA12.5/16/20/25/31.3
Rated operating sequence
Breaking current frequency underrated short circuitTimes30
Rated short current switching current (Peak value)KA50/80
Rated peak value withstands currentKA
Rated short-time withstand currentKA12.5/ 16/20/25/31.5
Rated short circuit duration timeS4

Application of Cutout Switch ZW32-12

Combined with the disconnecting switch, it can be used as a section switch for switching off/on load current, over-load current and short circuit current in power systems. Its vacuum explosion chamber uses a patented sealing technique. Its external insulation uses silicon rubber pipes with long life, high reliability and weather ability. It is convenient to transport and has a high cost-performance ratio. Using a compact and high-reliability spring operating mechanism, the operating mechanism structure is simple and has a long life of up to 20000 times. 

If using advanced permanent magnetism mechanisms, it will have more reliable mechanical properties. And it can install a manual switch on/off mechanism to switch on/off in the field in need. Matching with controllers, the breaker can be an automatic circuit recloser to realize remote controlling, remote measurement, remote signalling and remote regulating. The product's features: are non-burning and explosion hazard, non-maintenance, small size, lightweight (less than 100kg), long life (more than 10000 times), safe and reliable, and simple operation and installation.

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