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220kV Surge Arrester

220kV surge arrester adopts the series structure of composite insulator and arrester, which is composed of lightning protection section, insulating section and connecting fittings, and integrates the functions of insulator support and arrester lightning protection. The lightning protection section is made of high-performance ZnO resistors set in an epoxy tube to absorb and discharge lightning energy, and a parallel protection gap is provided to prevent damage to the resistors when the lightning current is too large; the insulation section adopts an enlarged umbrella diameter and umbrella The spaced shed structure prevents icing bridging, improves the lightning resistance level of the line and the flashover voltage of icing and pollution.

220kv lightning arrester
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220kv lightning arrester
220kv surge arrester supplier
220kv surge arrester manufacturer

Specification of 220kV High Voltage Surge Arrester

Nominal System Voltage220KV
Application PlaceMedium-voltage system; For power station, transmission and distribution line
Maximum System Voltage252
Rated Voltage (KV)216
Nominal Discharge Current (kA)10
Line Discharge Class3
Energy Absorption Capacity KJ/KV at Ur7.3
2ms Long Duration current impulse (A)800
Short Circuit Current Rating (kA)50
Material of HousingSilicone rubber/porcelain
Structure Design1. Fibreglass filament Mesh winding core, and then injection silicon rubber directly.
2. Assembly with Porcelain housing
Pressure release deviceWith

Advantages of 220kV High Voltage Surge Arrester

  • At the same time, it has the functions of lightning protection, icing protection and pollution flashover for transmission lines.

  • It can replace ordinary line insulators and line arresters, and is easy to install.

  • The 175kA flow capacity design is adopted to meet the operation requirements of canceling the ground wire 220kV line.

Applications of 220kV High Voltage Surge Arrester

The 220kV lightning-proof and anti-icing composite insulator was put into operation in May 2017 on the 220kV "Xinning-Fuyi" line in Hunan Province (outlet of Furongshan Wind Power Plant). Flashover accidents with icing.

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