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Surge Arrester

Surge Arrester

A surge arrester, also called a surge protector or lightning arrester, is an electrical device designed to protect electronic devices and electrical systems from sudden voltage spikes or surges. These voltage surges or transient currents can be caused by lightning strikes, power outages or grid switching, and can cause significant damage to sensitive electronic equipment. Surge arresters work by detecting the sudden change in voltage and diverting the excess energy away from the equipment and towards the ground. This protects the equipment from damage and ensures that it continues to function normally.

Surge arresters are commonly used in homes, offices, and industries to protect electronic equipment, such as computers, televisions, refrigerators, and many more. They are also used in power distribution systems to protect high-voltage equipment from damage caused by lightning strikes and other transient currents. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and capacities, making it easy to choose the right surge arrester for different applications.

Surge arresters have become an essential part of modern electrical systems, protecting expensive equipment and ensuring that power is delivered reliably and safely.

Surge Arresters Applications and Selection

Power Systems

Surge arresters are widely used in power systems to protect transformers, generators, and other high voltage equipment from lightning and switching over-voltages.


Surge arresters are used to protect sensitive telecom equipment from damage due to power surges and transients that can occur during lightning storms or power outages.

Industrial Applications

Surge arresters are common in industrial applications, protecting heavy machinery and electronic equipment from voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes, switching operations, and other sources of electrical surges.

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Surge arresters are installed in residential and commercial buildings to protect electronic equipment such as computers, televisions, and other sensitive devices from voltage spikes and surges that can cause damage or failure.

What Are The Advantages Of Surge Arresters


The use of 100kA large through-current ZnO resistor sheet, lightning strikes effectively absorb and unload the impact energy, 10kV line lightning tripping rate from 10 times / 100km.a or so down to 0.18 times / 100km.a, reducing more than 90%


Under normal conditions the insulation gap bears the operating voltage, the zinc oxide resistor sheet does not bear the voltage and there is no aging problem.


Adopting large and small disk diameter umbrella skirt and large angle staggered electrode structure, it can prevent bridging during heavy rain and ice cover, preventing ice cover, fouling and storm flashover.


The product is easy to install, while meeting the requirements of natural grounding operation of the tower, no need to regularly measure the grounding resistance, new lines have great cost advantages, old lines do not need to be grounding transformation.

Working Principle of Surge Arresters

Surge arresters work on the principle of diverting excess voltage away from the equipment they are protecting and directing it toward earth. When a voltage surge or transient occurs, the surge arrester detects the increase in voltage and conducts the excess energy to the ground. This is achieved through the use of a non-linear resistor material, typically Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) or Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs), which provide a low resistance path to the ground during transient events. This allows the surge arrester to absorb the energy and reduce the peak voltage level that the equipment is exposed to, protecting it from damage. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance of surge arresters are essential for their effective operation.

Surge Arrester VS Conventional Lightning Arrester

The whole branch through-current capacity of 65kA and 100kA, lightning tripping rate reduced by 50% and 90% or more. Falling lightning density <3.0 times / km2.a less lightning area, it is recommended to use 65kA products; falling lightning density ≥ 3.0 times / km2.a more lightning area, it is recommended to use 100kA products.

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