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Silicone Rubber for Electric

Silicone Rubber for Electric

YF POWER is a well-known brand in the production of silicone rubber for electric applications. This high-quality silicone rubber material is known for its excellent electrical insulation properties, making it an ideal solution for high-voltage applications. With the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -55°C to 200°C, YF POWER silicone rubber is highly durable and has excellent resistance to weathering, even under prolonged exposure to UV radiation and ozone.

The YF POWER silicone rubber is also highly flexible, making it easy to mold and shape to meet the specific requirements of different electrical applications. It is an ideal material for insulation, seals, and gaskets in electrical circuitry. This highly stable material also has low smoke, low toxicity, and low flammability properties, making it an ideal choice for fire-resistant applications.

In addition to its exceptional electrical insulation properties, YF POWER silicone rubber material is also highly resistant to chemicals, oils, and other solvents. This makes it highly suitable for use in industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, and electronics, where long term protection against harsh environmental conditions is essential. Overall, YF POWER silicone rubber is a highly reliable and cost-effective solution for the production of electrical insulation and protection products.

Advantages of Silicone Rubber for Electric


Silicone rubber is highly flexible, making it ideal for producing intricate designs and shapes. This means that manufacturers can create items which fit specific electrical configurations that other materials may not be able to match.

Thermal Resistance

Silicone rubber can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for use in high-temperature environments without degradation or melting. This makes it perfect for use in applications such as insulation.

Low Electrical Conductivity

The low electrical conductivity of silicone rubber means that it is an excellent insulator. This is vital when it comes to electric applications where preventing electrical leakage is of critical importance.

Waterproof and Chemical Resistant

Another important feature of silicone rubber is its resistance to moisture and chemicals. This means that electric assemblies that use silicone rubber will have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than those that use other materials.

Features of Silicone Rubber for Electric


The silicon rubber were injected or vulcanized on to the varistor fiber glass winding core directly form a tight complete arrester, There is no air gap inside , which prevents partial discharge and prolongs the electric life, thus having high operational reliability


Silicon rubber will not explode or crack like a ceramic jacket when bear overload. Because arc combustion can travel small holes in the silicon rubber shell, the arrester can easily release energy and easily find overload.


Silicon rubber is hydrophobic and anti-fouling and doesn't form the surface layer of a semiconductor as quickly as any other insulators. Therefore, the leakage current on the surface of silicon rubber housing is very low.

Development of Silicone Rubber for Electric in the Power System

Silicone rubber has revolutionized electric power systems, allowing for greater power control and reliability. In the past, traditional materials like porcelain or glass were commonly used to insulate power lines and other electrical equipment. However, silicone rubber has become increasingly popular due to its superior properties.

One of the most significant developments in silicone rubber is its ability to support higher voltages. Power lines insulated with silicone rubber can reduce energy loss and improve the efficiency of the transmission network.

Another benefit of silicone rubber in power systems is its corrosion and weather resistance. As a result, it can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, making it excellent for use in outdoor transmission equipment.

Silicone rubber has also made it possible to develop smaller and more versatile electrical components, such as connectors, insulators, and cable accessories. Overall, the development of silicone rubber for the electric industry has led to greater energy efficiency, higher durability, and reduced maintenance costs.

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