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Rubber Track Machine

Rubber can be said to be thermoset, with no melting point, only a ignition point. Above a certain temperature, it burns. The process of rubber molding is a vulcanization process, and the internal molecular structure has changed, which can be roughly understood as many short-chain structures through crosslinking into complex multi-chain structures. The essence has changed. Rubber injection molding is the use of high pressure to drive semi-finished mixed rubber (both solid and liquid) into the mold cavity, and then vulcanized at a certain temperature and within a certain period of time.

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Advantages of Rubber Track Machine

Rubber Track Machine is a specialized equipment used to create precise and durable rubber-based products. YF POWER is a leading manufacturer of high-quality rubber injection molding machines that are widely used in industries such as automotive, construction, and electrical.

A rubber track machine works by melting solid rubber and injecting it into the mold where it cools down and solidifies into the desired shape. YF POWER's rubber track machines come in different sizes and types, allowing them to create a wide range of rubber products such as grommets, seals, and plastic parts.

YF POWER's machines have advanced features that allow for precise control of parameters such as temperature, pressure, and speed, resulting in superior product quality, improved production efficiency, and reduced waste.

Additionally, the company offers exceptional customer support, including machine installation and training to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Overall, YF POWER's rubber injection molding machines are designed to meet the unique needs of different industries and provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for the production of high-quality rubber products.

Rubber Track Machine Features

  • High automation, the heavy work is handled by machines, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and improves the working environment. The workload is reduced from 4 workers to 1 worker compare to the traditional machine.

  • Most of the track production operations are performed by machines instead of manual ones, which reduces the quality instability caused by manual errors. The mold clamping vulcanization unit is properly combined with the steel cord automatic tensioning device (Make sure uniform force on mold, front, and back rubber track thickness is the same) . The service life of rubber tracks can be increased by 30%~50%.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection: cleverly designed vulcanization stop function, the main motor automatically stops running in the rubber vulcanization process, reducing power consumption;

  • Intelligent traceability of product quality: when product quality problems occur, the production process parameters can be traced, which helps to continuously improve the production process;

  • Over years of continuous suggestions feedback and optimization from many customers at home and abroad, the functional design of the equipment has become more perfect and reasonable; Maintenance is more simple and convenient.

Technical Data of Rubber Track Machine

1clamping forceTon280360

heating plate dimension


mold open stroke


distance between heating 


5min mold thicknessmm150120
6max width of the trackmm450500550600915
7range of trackmm3780-48604140-53504800-64005040-65506400-9000
8system pressurebar200200210200210

We reserve the right to change any design and specification without notice.

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