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Cutout Switch ZW8-12/C

ZW8-12/ Series Outdoor HV Vacuum Automatic Circuit Reclosers, are used for switching on/off load current, overload current and short circuit current in three-phase power systems with AC 50Hz and rated voltage 10~12kV. Matching with recloser controllers, the breaker can identify current characteristics and realize repetitious auto-closing or permanent fault isolation. With its own PT power.

switch cut out

Specifications of Cutout Switch ZW8-12/C

Rated voltage

Rated insulation levelPower frequency
withstand voltage
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (Peak value)
Rated currentA630;400;200
Rated short circuit-breaking currentKA20;16;12.5
Rated operating sequence
Breaking current frequency underrated short circuitTimes30
Rated short current switching current (Peak value)KA50
Rated peak value withstands currentKA
Rated short-time withstand currentKA20;16;12.5
Rated short circuit duration timeS4

Applications of Cutout Switch ZW8-12/C

The ZW8-12/C outdoor HV vacuum breaker has all functions of the basic mode breaker. Matching with the reclosing controller, it becomes a recloser intelligence breaker. The basic mode breaker can match with a reclosing controller and PT reclosing controller, having three segment compound protection of switch on rush current control, over current protection and short quick break. And it has 1~3 times reclosing, low current ground protection, and wired supervisory control functions. It can also remote control under the pole, and regulate the parameters of the breaker.

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