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FZS3-40.5/6 40.5kV Post Insulators

Each process step of the composite post insulator is managed by barcode, and the production and testing equipment corresponding to each process step are reserved with PLC interface, and the whole workshop adopts DCS (Distributed Control System) system for distributed control. All-round control of workshop process parameters greatly improves the stability of the production process and greatly guarantees the quality of products.

post insulators

Specification of FZS3-40.5/6 40.5kV Composite Post Insulators

Height (mm)445
Min. creepage distance (mm)345
Min. nominal creepage distance (mm)1015
Rated mechanical distance loadBent6
kN.m Distortion (kN)1.5
Power frequency
withstand voltage
1min Wet (kV)80
1min Dry (kV)100
Full wave lightning impulse voltage (peak value) (kV)185
The highest voltage of equipment (kV)40.5

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