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RTV-1 Anti-Pollution Coating

RTV is the abbreviation of "Room Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber" in English, which translates as "Room Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber".


Protective silicone coating for procelain, glass and epoxy insulators as well as for other high-voltage insulating equipment where surface contamination causes service problems.


It forms a long-term hydrophobic surface. Thus it prevents the formation of wet conductive films and therefore the risk of pollution flashovers.

rtv coating for insulators

Advantages of RTV-1 Anti-Pollution Coating

Rubber amine" or "room temperature curing silicone rubber", that is, this silicone rubber can be cured at room temperature. "RTV" is a solid coating with excellent performance recognized at home and abroad. RTV anti-pollution flashover coating is famous for its Strong anti-fouling flashover ability, no cleaning and maintenance, and simple coating process, etc., are widely favored by power system customers.

How to Use RTV-1 Anti-Pollution Coating

  • The spray gun should be moved evenly across the surface at a distance of about 30 - 50 cm. Due to the thixotropic properties of it. it is usually possible to apply the first layer with a good cover. A second layer can be applied after approximately 30 minutes.

  • With two coats, usually a dry film thickness of about 0.5 mm will be achieved meaning a high protection for many years. Full cure is obtained in 8 - 12 hours after coating application depending on thickness and humidity.

  • Wind during spraying will cause overspray. Rain can damage the coating. In case of rain, please protect the job site or stop application.

  • About 2 kg of it is needed to coat each square meter of porcelain insulator surface with a dry film thickness of 0. 5 mm. An additional amount of approximately 10 % has to be calculated to take overspray into consideration.

  • All spraying equipment should be cleaned with a nonpolar solvent (e. g. Xylene or White Spirit) immediately after use.

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