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Electric Power Fitting

Electric Power Fitting

Armour clamp, or iron or aluminum metal accessories widely used in wire delivery wires, collectively known as fittings. Most fittings need to withstand large tensile forces during operation, and some also ensure good electrical contact.

Types of Electric Power Fitting

Roles of Electric Power Fittings

Various Uses

There are many types of fittings with different uses, such as various clamps for installing wires, various hanging rings that form insulator strings, various pressure pipes and repair pipes connecting wires, various types of spacer rods on split wires, etc., in addition to various types of wire fittings for pole towers, and the size of the protective wires must be coordinated.

Safety Considerations

It is related to the safety of conductors or towers, and even one damage can cause line failure. Therefore, the quality, correct use, and installation of fittings have a certain impact on the safe transmission of the line.

Testing Methods of Electric Power Fitting

  • Visual inspection: Examination of the appearance state, mainly by visual observation.

  • Type Tests: tests are carried out on components designed and manufactured according to certain technical conditions to show that the design meets certain standards.

  • Sampling tests: Among the products produced under the same conditions, a certain number of tests are randomly extracted.

  • Factory test routine tests: Each part is tested during or after manufacturing to determine whether it meets a standard.

  • Mechanical failing load tests: Under the specified test conditions, the mechanical failure test is carried out, and the load value of the specimen reaches the maximum load and the failure.

  • Grip strength tests: Under specified test conditions, the grip strength value of the clamp on which the wire is mounted is determined.

  • Vibration tests: A test to measure the vibration of each component of the anti-vibration device under specified conditions.

  • Resistance tests: A test to determine the resistance value of a conductive element by direct current.

  • Temperature rise tests: Under specified conditions, the temperature rise test of conductive elements is determined.

  • Aging tests: A test in which a specified aging factor is applied to the specimen so that the service life can be evaluated in a much shorter period than the actual service life.

  • Low-voltage high-current tests: The test is performed when the voltage is a small percentage of the rated value, and the current is rated or greater than the rated value.

  • Thermal stability tests: A test to determine the thermal stability of the specimen under specified overload conditions, temperature, and loss.

  • Radio interference tests: Test to determine the radio interference level of the specimen under the operating voltage.

  • Partial discharge inception voltage tests: Measure the minimum voltage test when partial discharge occurs on the surface of a conductor.

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