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FQJ3-25/6 25kV Locomotive Insulators

Grind the mandrel of FQJ3-25/6 25kV locomotive insulators to improve the grinding accuracy, especially in the crimping area; clean the metal fittings one by one to ensure the cleanliness of the inner hole; match the mandrel with the fittings, and use a tight fit to achieve the effect of "drawing the wind".

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Specifications of FQJ3-25/6 25kV Locomotive Insulators



Rated Voltage (KV)25
Rated mechanical load (KN)6
Structural height (mmm±10)400±5
Composite distance (mm)310
Min. nominal creepage distance (mm)1000
Lightning impulse voltage (peak value) (kV)180
1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kV)80

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