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Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters

Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters

Zinc oxide arrester, otherwise known as a metal oxide surge arrester, is an electrical device used to protect electrical equipment from overvoltages and transients. The zinc oxide arrester is preferred over other technologies since it provides better energy handling capacity, longer lifespan, and faster response time. It is constructed from a ceramic-metal composite that comprises zinc oxide particles; this construction creates the nonlinear varistor element of the device.

The zinc oxide arrester operates by providing a low impedance path for overvoltage surges to the ground, which is caused when excess energy is dissipated by the arrester's metal oxide elements. During normal operation, it remains in a high resistance state and does not affect the electrical system. The zinc oxide arrester is used in high voltage and extra high voltage power systems, as well as in many other applications where overvoltage protection is required.

Zinc oxide arresters have a high surge current capacity and can handle higher energy without damage. They also have a fast response time and can withstand numerous surges without degradation of their performance. Zinc oxide arresters are widely used in modern power systems and are available in various sizes and voltage ratings to suit different applications.

Types of Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters

How Does Zinc Oxide Arrester Work?

A Zinc Oxide Arrester, commonly known as a surge arrester or zinc oxide type lightning arrester, is a crucial component in power systems designed to protect electrical equipment from transient overvoltages, such as those caused by lightning strikes or switching operations.   The basic Zinc Oxide lightning arrester working principle involves its ability to rapidly conduct excess electrical energy to the ground, diverting it away from sensitive equipment.   Here's a breakdown of how a Zinc Oxide Arrester operates:

At the core of the Zinc Oxide surge arrester is a non-linear resistor made of zinc oxide known as a Metal-Oxide Varistor (MOV).   This component exhibits a highly nonlinear current-voltage characteristic, allowing it to have a high resistance under normal operating conditions and a significantly lower resistance when exposed to overvoltage conditions.

A Zinc Oxide Arrester works by diverting excess electrical energy from an overvoltage surge away from the equipment and directing it to the ground. The Arrester is composed of metal oxide blocks known as varistor elements. The varistor elements are designed to remain in a high impedance state under normal voltage conditions but switch to a low impedance state in the presence of an overvoltage surge. 

When a surge occurs, the Zinc oxide arrester conducts the surge energy to the ground, resulting in a reduction in the voltage surge level to a safe level for the equipment being protected. The Zinc oxide arrester can handle high energy, fast rise time, and frequent surge stress, making it a preferred option over other technologies in medium and high-voltage electrical systems.

Uses of Zinc Oxide Arrester

The Zinc Oxide Arrester has a broad range of applications in various industries and sectors. The primary application of Zinc Oxide Arrester is in the electrical power industry, where it is installed on high voltage power distribution systems to protect the equipment from overvoltage surges and lightning strikes. Zinc Oxide arresters are also commonly used in telecommunication networks, industrial facilities, hospitals, data centers, and other critical electronic equipment. 

They are designed to handle high energy, fast response time, and provide stable performance under various environmental conditions. The Zinc Oxide Arrester's effectiveness and superior performance make them an essential protection device in modern electrical systems. Zinc Oxide arresters are available in different sizes, types, and voltage ratings to suit specific applications and ensure optimal performance.

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Choose YF Power for your zinc oxide surge arrester needs and experience a level of excellence unmatched in the industry. Here's why:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: YF Power boasts advanced production equipment and a dedicated research and development center, ensuring that our surge arresters incorporate the latest technological advancements.

  • Collaboration with Renowned Universities: Through long-term partnerships with institutions like Nankai University and Tianjin University, we stay at the forefront of research, bringing you surge arresters developed with a deep understanding of evolving industry needs.

  • Certifications and Patents: With eight patented technologies and certifications from domestic authority inspection agencies, including Chinese EPRI and Wugaosuo, our surge arresters meet and exceed stringent quality standards.

  • Technological Advancements: Our commitment to innovation is evident in our modern digital systems, scientific formulations, and advanced processes, resulting in the development of a new generation of anti-pollution flash coatings.

  • Comprehensive Customer Service: For our valued large customers (3 tons and above), we offer a unique seven-test analysis at one-year intervals, ensuring your surge arresters consistently perform beyond expectations, saving you costs in the long run.

Choose YF Power – where cutting-edge technology, research collaboration, quality certifications, innovation, and comprehensive customer service converge to provide the best zinc oxide surge arresters in the market.

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