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FZSW-40.5-6 40kV Lightning Protection Post Insulator

The new structure of the integration of lightning arrester and insulator has been realized, and the product has both insulation support and lightning protection function.

insulator for lightning arrester

Features of FZSW-40.5-6 40kV Lightning Protection Post Insulator

  • Using a large through-current ZnO resistor chip, the current performance is increased to 100kA.

  • By using the size of the "flower arrangement" arrangement and increasing the climbing distance of the umbrella skirt, the ice flash, rain flash and pollution flash voltage under Class D pollution conditions are increased by 30%, 50% and 27% respectively.

  • The product is light in weight, simple and convenient for on-site installation, without special grounding treatment, and can meet the natural grounding requirements of the pole tower.

  • Under special circumstances, the failure damage will not damage the overall mechanical and insulation properties of the product, and there is no need to repair and replace it immediately, but there is no lightning protection function in operation.

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