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Medium Voltage Surge Arresters

Medium Voltage Surge Arresters

Medium-voltage surge arresters are electrical devices designed to protect electrical equipment from surges or transients that occur on medium-voltage power systems. These systems typically operate at voltages between 1kV and 36kV, and they are commonly found in various industries, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities.

Medium voltage surge arresters work by detecting and diverting excess voltage away from the equipment and toward the ground. They are typically composed of metal oxide varistors (MOV) or zener diodes, which provide a low resistance path to the ground during transient events. When a surge or transient occurs, the surge arrester conducts the excess energy to the ground, protecting the equipment from damage.

Medium voltage surge arresters are selected based on the specific application, voltage requirements, and surge current capacity. They are often installed in parallel with the equipment they are protecting, with a short path to the ground. Proper installation and maintenance are important to ensure the effectiveness of the medium voltage surge arrester.

Types of Medium Voltage Surge Arresters

Function of Medium Voltage Surge Arresters

The primary function of medium voltage surge arresters is to limit and divert overvoltage surges (transients) away from the equipment that they are installed to protect. They detect and discharge the electrical energy from the overvoltage surges by providing a low-resistance path to the earth, thus absorbing and repelling the energy away from the equipment. This protects the equipment from electrical stress, high-voltage breakdowns, and potential damage that could disrupt operations or cause significant losses. 

The surge arrester acts as an insurance mechanism that ensures equipment is protected from voltage spikes exceeding their voltage rating, thereby reducing the risk of equipment failure and associated costs. The proper sizing and installation of the medium voltage surge arrester are essential for its efficient and effective operation.

Application of Medium Voltage Surge Arresters

Medium voltage surge arresters are commonly used in a variety of applications, including power distribution systems, industrial facilities, and commercial buildings. They are installed to protect equipment such as transformers, switchgear, motors, and other medium voltage electrical components from voltage surges or transients caused by lightning, switching operations, or other sources. Medium voltage surge arresters are also used for the protection of telecommunication networks, data centers, and other critical electronic equipment. They play a significant role in ensuring the safety and reliability of power systems, protecting equipment from damage, and reducing the risk of operational downtime. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance of medium voltage surge arresters are essential to their effective operation and long-term service life.

Medium voltage surge arresters are widely used in various scenarios, mainly categorized as follows:

  • Surge arresters for power plants

  • Distribution surge arresters

  • Surge arresters for parallel compensation capacitors

  • Generator surge arresters

  • Motor surge arresters

  • Surge arresters for generator neutral points

  • Surge arresters for transformer neutral points

  • Other specialized surge arresters: used for overvoltage protection of various equipment, including transmission lines, series reactors, series capacitors, cable sheaths, low and high-voltage inter-winding of current transformers, and generator demagnetization circuits.

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