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FS3-110/5 110kV Cross Arm Insulators

The series structure of composite insulator and arrester is adopted, which integrates the support of the insulator and the lightning protection function of the arrester, and both the transmission line anti-icing and pollution flashover function.

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Specifications of FS3-110/5 110kV Cross Arm Insulators

Figure No.
FS-110/0.25-TJFs-110/0.25-MJFS-110/4-MJFS-110/6-MJFS-110/10-M for single conductorFS-110/10-M for single conductor
Rated voltageKV110110110110110110
Specified Mechanical LoadKN0.250.25461010
Section LengthHmm1318±51255±51265±151265±151265±151265±15
Insulating Lengthhmm110011001100110011001100
Shed DiametersDMM174174157172192192
Minimum CreepageLmm330033003300330033003300
Specified Creepage (Creepage/Rated Vol)cm/KN333333
Full-wave impulse withstand Voltage (peak)≥KV550550550550550550
1 min wet power frequency voltage≥KV230230230230230230
Weight (for reference)KG9.29.21318.52727.5

Features of FS3-110/5 110kV Cross Arm Insulators

  • The design of 150kA flow capacity meets the operational requirements of a 110kV line in a multi-mine area and under the condition of grounding cancellation.

  • It can directly replace the common line insulator and line arrester, easy installation, have no special grounding treatment and meet the requirements of natural grounding of the tower.

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