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FXBW6-10-70 10kV Suspended Insulator

Suspended Insulators are the most widely used basic components in medium and high-voltage transmission and distribution systems, used to insulate and support live parts. Composite insulators are polymer composite insulators supported by epoxy rods and insulated by silicone rubber sheds. Compared with traditional ceramic and glass insulators, this product has lightweight (only 1/4 to 1/8 of traditional insulators for the same purpose), high strength (the tensile strength and bending strength of the leading slope rod are all of the high-strength porcelain of more than 10 times), stain resistance and less cleaning X silicone rubber has the remarkable advantages of unique strong hydrophobicity), and overcomes the ageing life problem of conventional polymer materials, and can be used safely for decades. It is a new generation of products popularized and used in power systems.

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Specifications of FXBW6-10-70 10kV Suspended Insulators

Rated Voltage(KV)10
Rated mechanical pull load (kN)70
Structure of connected marks16
Height (mm)380±15
Min. creepage distance (mm)190
Min. nominal creepage distance (mm)480
Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value) not less than (kV)115
1min power frequency wet withstand voltage not less than (kV)45
Nos of  voltage  divider ringN/A

Structures and Characters of FXBW6-10-70 10kV Suspended Insulators

Composite insulator series products are made of environmentally friendly tree branch glass fibre rods. It consists of three parts: cement strand, rope sheath and metal products. The company adopts the international advanced metal pressure interface technology and the overall one-time moulding process of the silicone umbrella suit to produce, which improves the reliability and output of the composite insulator. The product has high strength and a small size. , lightweight, beautiful appearance.

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