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FZS3-126/10 126kV Post Insulators

The crimping mold of composite post insulators is configured by the crimping machine supplier. The material is C12, which has undergone vacuum heat treatment and spheroidization treatment to ensure the rigidity, hardness and wear resistance of the material, so that the material has little deformation during crimping and has a long service life; according to experience, The inner diameter of the pressing block is 0.5mm larger than the corresponding short-distance outer diameter, and the crimping effect is the best at this time.

line post insulator

Specification of FZS3-126/10 126kV Composite Post Insulators

Height (mm)1220
Min. creepage distance (mm)1060
Min. nominal creepage distance (mm)3180
Rated mechanical distance loadBent10
kN.m Distortion (kN)4
Power frequency
withstand voltage
1min Wet (kV)185
1min Dry (kV)265
Full wave lightning impulse voltage (peak value) (kV)450
The highest voltage of equipment (kV)126

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