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Basic Staffing of an Insulator Production Line

Apr 14 , 2023
1Technical departmentChief engineerProduct development, product design, standard conversion, business support1
2Product design, process engineerResponsible for product process4
3Quality InspectorResponsible for parts and raw materials incoming inspection;10
Product process inspection; Ex-factory inspection
4Production management departmentManager of the production management departmentResponsible for the daily work of the production management department1
5Logistics officerAllocate storage and delivery of raw materials, spare parts, and finished products for production5
6Planner/statisticianArrange production plan and output tracking2
7Manufacturing departmentWorkshop directorResponsible for the entire line insulator workshop production management1
8Rubber refinerResponsible for compound production18
9GrinderBe responsible for mold polishing and transfer6
10CrimperResponsible for pre-crimping and8
secondary crimping of products
11InjectorResponsible for product base coating, pre-drying, injection, etc58
12EdgerResponsible for trimming and transshipment of products12
13PackerProduct packaging, warehousing20
14Other DepartmentsOther department personnelFinance Department, Purchasing Department, Equipment Department, Sales Department, etc10

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