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How to Improve the Quality of Insulators

Feb 16 , 2023

1) Select qualified mandrel and goldware suppliers with strong technical strength

The requirements for suppliers are that they should be qualified, have a large number of supply performances and rich experience in the industry, and be able to continuously improve and perfect the products; Strong technical strength, can ensure the supply of mandrel, gold long-term stability. Can carry out a field investigation, understand its latest development and technology, production status, and finally determine the reliable supplier;

2) Strengthen the inspection of mandrel and fittings

In addition to the routine inspection, to increase the elastic modulus of the mandrel; For hardware, the introduction of three-coordinate measurement technology, accurate measurement of all important dimensions and shapes; And a good job of the mandrel, gold in the factory sampling test;

3) Strengthen process control

Polish the mandrel to improve the grinding accuracy, especially in the crimping area; For the fittings, clean them one by one to ensure the cleanliness of the inner hole; The mandrel is matched with the gold tool, and the "wind pulling" effect is achieved.

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