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Performance Characteristics of RTV Antifouling Flashover Coating

Apr 07 , 2023
  • Greatly improve the external insulation pollution lightning voltage of electric power transmission and transformation equipment, which can be raised to more than 200% to ensure the safety of electric power equipment operation.

  • Coating electrical properties, mechanical properties, hydrophobicity and hydrophobic migration, strong adhesion, and long service life.

  • The coating is a single-component coating, which does not need to be deployed during use. After opening the sealed package, it can be sprayed and coated directly on the surface of the insulator and solidified into a film after contact with water molecules in the air.

  • The residue of the coating after combustion is not conductive, leaving no safety risks for the operation of the equipment.

  • The paint flammability index is not lower than the FV-1 level. This index is especially suitable for the insulation and antifouling work of DC transmission and transformation equipment of power systems.

  • In the normal use of the equipment, the electric external insulation equipment can be free from cleaning and maintenance after spraying and coating RTV paint. Save a lot of cleaning external insulation equipment manpower and material resources.

  • Paint is packed in iron drums of 5 kg, and 4 iron drums of 20 kg are packed in a carton.

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