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Basic Knowledge about RTV Anti-fouling Flashover Paint

Apr 24 , 2023

What is RTV antifouling flash Paint?

Room Temperature Silicone Rubber, referred to as RTV antifouling flashover coating, has been rapidly developed and widely used in China since 2000 because of its long-term, maintenance-free and other outstanding characteristics as a new technology and material.

In our country, RTV coating has experienced a development process from multi-component, two-component and single-component. After years of network operation, single-component RTV long-acting antifouling flashover coating and single-component PRTV ultra-long-acting antifouling flashover coating have excellent product quality, and have been applied in more than a dozen provinces and cities in the country, and have nearly 10 years of successful operation experience. It has been welcomed and praised by the majority of engineering and technical personnel and workers and has made contributions to the safe and stable operation of the power system.

RTV antifouling flashover coating composition

The composition of RTV antifouling flash coating is mainly composed of trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, KX-240H and other components.

Working mechanism of RTV antifouling flashover coating

The hydrophobicity and the transferability of hydrophobicity of coatings are the keys to significantly improving the level of fouling flash pressure. The coating is applied to the surface of the insulator and solidifies to form a film. The film has excellent hydrophobicity under clean conditions. When the surface of the film is covered by pollution, the small molecule hydrophobic groups in the film can quickly channel through the pollution layer, migrating to the surface of the pollution layer, the surface of the pollution layer also has excellent hydrophobicity. In this way, in fog, dew, drizzle and other humid climate conditions, the surface of the dirty layer is difficult to wet. Even if the pollution layer is moistened for a long time, the surface of the pollution layer will not form water flow and water film but exist independently in a number of discontinuous small water droplets, thus greatly curbing the generation of leakage current and significantly increasing the pollution flash voltage of the insulator.

Classification of RTV antifouling flashover coatings

Antifouling flashover coating, also known as room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, is divided into RTV antifouling flashover coating and PRTV antifouling flashover coating. It is mainly used for antifouling flashover work of insulators of power systems or external insulation of electrical equipment. Among them, PRTV antifouling flashover coating is also known as long-term antifouling flashover coating. It mainly includes hydrophobicity, electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, etc.

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