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The Benefits of Anti Pollution Flashover Coatings (RTV/PRTV) for Society and the Power Industry

May 11 , 2023

Generally, under severe weather conditions such as fog, dew, drizzle and other environments, flashover will occur along the wet insulator surface, which will cause pollution flashover accidents in the power system. Pollution flashover often poses a threat to the safe and stable operation of the power system, with lighter cases affecting local power supply, while heavier cases may have an impact on the power grid, even causing the entire power grid to break down. So the impact of pollution flashover on the power supply system has caused huge economic losses to people.

The natural accumulation of pollution on the surface of electric porcelain for outdoor equipment in the power system is inevitable. With the accelerated development of social and economic progress, atmospheric pollution is becoming increasingly serious, and pollution in various regions is increasing. The range of salt density values has increased compared to previous years. The configuration of porcelain insulation is generally low, and the number of lines is increasing year by year. There are a small number of professionals specializing in anti pollution flashover, and considering factors such as unstable voltage operation and transformation, as well as the harm of birds, the harm of pollution flashover is increasing. This puts forward higher requirements for social operation and maintenance.

Pollution flashover "is a long-standing problem that has troubled the safety of power transmission and distribution systems, seriously endangering the stability and reliability of power grid operation. To solve this problem, anti pollution flashover coatings can be used.

Characteristics and performance of anti pollution flash coating (RTV/PRTV)

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, abbreviated as RTV anti pollution flash coating, has been rapidly developed and widely used as a new technology and material in China in recent years due to its outstanding characteristics of long-term effect and maintenance free.

The RTV coatings have gone through a development process of multi-component in China,  bicomponent, and single component. After years of online operation, the product quality is excellent and has been applied in more than ten provinces and cities across the country. With over ten years of successful operation experience, it has been welcomed by engineering and technical personnel as well as workers and installers. These high-quality RTV anti pollution flash coatings, such as the popular MOV blocks, have been extensively applied and trusted by professionals in the power industry for their remarkable performance and reliability.

Our RTV/PRTV products are designed specifically for pollution flashover prevention in power transmission and distribution systems, with the following significant features:

  • Excellent hydrophobicity and rapid, balanced, and sustained hydrophobicity migration;

  • High anti pollution flashover voltage, anti arc, anti leakage and excellent electrical insulation;

  • High modulus, high strength, high adhesion, high corrosion resistance, meeting the requirements of condition based maintenance;

  • Ozone resistant, UV resistant, environmental aging resistant, non peeling, non cracking;

  • Long effective operation time, simple maintenance, no cleaning during the validity period, and high efficiency.

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