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May 05 , 2023

1. Measurement technology of elastic modulus of insulator mandrel

At present, there is no good method to measure the elastic modulus of the mandrel. Tongji University in Shanghai proposed to measure the amplitude of the mandrel by adjusting the frequency of vibration equipment to make the mandrel reach resonance and to obtain the elastic modulus of the mandrel by using relevant mathematical and mechanical formulas for conversion. This technology and equipment can be introduced first to improve process stability, as a product technical advantage and market highlight.

2. Sonar monitoring system for insulator products

The traditional mechanical test is carried out only by 50%SML -- 10s without any monitoring means. According to the Frysses effect, when products are tested one by one, defects of products with problems in production will be increased and can be tested out in the test process. Therefore, it is considered to install sonar emission monitoring probes at the connecting fittings at both ends of the tension machine to monitor the failure frequency of the mandrel and identify defects through the sonar emission system to finally eliminate defective products.

3. Control of the insulator production process

Each process step of the product is managed by bar code, each process steps corresponding to production, and testing equipment is reserved for the PLC interface, and the workshop as a whole uses DCS (Distributed Control System) system for distributed control. The workshop process parameters for a full range of control, greatly improve the stability of the production process, so that the product quality is greatly guaranteed.

4. Information tracking of insulator products

Product nameplate to add two-dimensional code identification, using laser engraving; Using the latest "cloud technology" and the constantly developing cloud technology as the medium, we can achieve the information tracking effect of products, so that users can know our company in every corner of the world and improve our influence.

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