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Classification of Surgre Arresters

May 03 , 2023

The main types of arresters are tubular arresters, valve arresters and zinc oxide arresters. The main working principle of each type of arrester is different, but the essence of their work is the same, all are to protect communication cables and communication equipment from damage.

1. Tubular arrester

A tubular arrester is actually a kind of protection gap with higher arc extinguishing ability, it is composed of two series gap, a gap in the atmosphere, known as the outer gap, its task is to isolate the working voltage, to avoid the production pipe by the power frequency leakage current through the pipe burned; The other is installed in the trachea, known as the internal clearance or arc extinguishing clearance. The arc extinguishing ability of the tubular arrester is related to the size of the power frequency continuous current. This is a protection gap type lightning arrester, mostly used in the power supply line for lightning protection.

2. Valve-type arrester

The valve-type arrester is composed of a spark gap and valve plate resistance. The valve plate resistance is made of special silicon carbide. The wafer resistor made of silicon carbide can effectively prevent lightning and high voltage and protect the equipment. When there is a high lightning voltage, the spark gap is broken down, the resistance value of the valve plate resistance decreases, and the lightning current is introduced into the earth, which protects the cable or electrical equipment from the lightning current. Under normal conditions, the spark gap will not be broken down, the valve plate resistance value is high, will not affect the normal communication of the communication line.

3. Zinc oxide arrester

Zinc oxide arrester is a kind of lightning protection equipment with superior protection performance, lightweight, pollution resistance and stable performance. It mainly takes advantage of the good nonlinear voltammetry characteristics of zinc oxide, so that the current flowing through the arrester at normal working voltage is very small (microamperes or milliamperes); When the overvoltage action, the resistance drops sharply, leakage voltage energy, to achieve the effect of protection. The difference between this arrester and the traditional arrester is that it has no discharge gap and uses the nonlinear characteristic of zinc oxide to discharge and break. Each arrester has its own advantages and characteristics, and need to be used for a different environment, in order to play a good lightning protection effect.

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