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RTV classic case

Long lasting hydrophobicity

– even on contaminated surfaces

- real case study at 220kV Xuneng Power Substation

- after 8 years of RTV application

The pollution particle deposition on the coating layer, 

the hydrophobicity of RTV coating transfer to the pollution layer. 

The surface of the insulator is hydrophobic once again!


8 years without maintenance,  the surface of insulator still keeping very excellent hydrophobicity.


Permanent hydrophobicity is possible due to the hydrophobicity transfer to the pollution layer.

RTV Boiling Water Test

        The sample was immersed in water, boiled for 100 hours and removed. Coating that does not adhere to the porcelain will exhibit water blisters at the interface between the porcelain and the coating. The performance of Kang Dawei RTV coating has not changed after test.


 Comparison: Before and After the Test.


The Hydropbility was not fall off or lose, after Boiling Water Test.

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