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YF Power Cooperate with Climate Simulation Laboratory

Research And Development

SKL (State Key Laboratory) is jointly composed of the State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited Disaster Prevention and Reduction Center, Hunan Disaster Prevention Technology Co., Ltd., and Changsha University of Science and Technology. There is 272 staff (1 special allowance expert of the State Council of China, 5 provincial and ministerial level scientific research experts, around 30 with Ph.D. degrees, more than 100 with master's degrees or graduate diplomas), including 226 researchers, and 12 experimental technicians. The team is mostly composed of young and middle-aged talented researchers with a complete range of majors in electric power, and meteorology. chemistry, materials, mechanics, etc., providing a guarantee for research in various directions relevant to power grid disaster prevention and mitigation technology, as well as industrial promotion. SKL invests about 50 million yuan (equals around 8 million US dollars) in R&D each year, and has built a batch of internationally advanced search facilities like Langli artificial climate simulation laboratory and Little-Shajiang outdoor natural disasters testing ground, which provide excellent experimental conditions and hardware environment for its R&D.

1. Langli Artificial Climate Simulation Laboratory

The Langli artificial climate simulation laboratory has a comprehensive artificial climate chamber whose inner diameter is 22m, the height is27.5m, and is equipped with 800kv AC,+1000kvDc pollution test power supply,4200kvimpulsive voltage generator, and 1500kv corona free power frequency test device.

The artificial climate chamber is capable of processing all kinds of experimental studies of icing, deicing, AC/DC pollution, and rain on power transmission and transformation equipment of various voltage levels under State Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention and Reduction simulative environments of different for Power Grid Transmission and Distribution Equipment temperatures, wind speed, rainfall, hot and cold fog icing, and degree of contamination. The climate chamber is one of the most advanced in the world, which has the most complete simulation test parameters and the widest adjustment range. The UHV (Ultra High Voltage) test hall can carry out tests of power frequency withstand voltage, partial discharge, lightning, over-voltage, etc. on transmission and transformation equipment up to 1100kV. The test hall has a background partial discharge level of only 0.24 pC and a shielding effect of over 70 dB, which is in the national leading level.

Surge Arrester Application

2. Little-Shajiang Outdoor Natural Disaster Testing Ground

The Little-Shajiang outdoor natural disasters testing ground is 1385m above sea level and covers an area of more than 20 acres. The total annual freezing days on site are over 60 days. A4 50OkV transmission line of 800mlong was set up with a 50mm thickness anti-icing design, as well as an 18m*22m*25m icing observation frame for anti-icing research of the UHV transmission line.

The transmission line is the one with the highest voltage level for anti-icing research and with the most comprehensive auxiliary facilities in the world. The icing observation frame is the only one that can be used for long-time live icing on UHV insulators also. The testing ground has the world's first test platform for wildfire-induced transmission line tripping on a full-scale 500kV transmission line, which can simulate natural environments such as different vegetation, wind speed, and other conditions. Its test power supply capacity reaches 1100 kVA, the size of the wildfire simulator platform is 2.5m*2.5m, and the breakdown gap is 0-8m adjustable.

Insulators for Transmission Line.Jpg

Achievements and Honors

Since its establishment, SKL has actively carried out research on power grid-related ice, fire, and lightning disaster mechanisms, prediction and prevention technology, as well as product development, and standard formulation. It has made plenty of achievements that reached the international and domestic leading levels.

1. Awards

SKL has won more than 26 national, provincial, and ministerial science and technology awards. Among these, "The Key Technologies and Complete Set of Equipment for Prevention and Treatment of Large Scale FreezingDisaster in Power Grid" won the “First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award”. "Key Technologies for Live Line Prevention and Control of Large Scale Wildfire Disaster in Power Grid" won" Second Prize of Chinese National Technological Invention”. "The Topology of Intensive DC Deicer" won the "Patent Gold Award”. “The Live Line Gel Emulsification Fire Extinguishing Technology and Equipment for Transformer Oil FireAccident"won" First Prize of Invention of Chinese National Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award”.

2. Patents

SKL owns 309 authorized national patents, including 223 invention patents and 10 international patents.

3. Standards

SKL has participated in editing 1 National Standard (GB/T),1 Electric Power Industry Standard (DL/T), 3 ChineseSociety of Electrical Engineering Standards (T/CSEE), and 4 National Grid Enterprise Standards(Q/GDw).

GB/T 35706-2017 -Technical Guidelines for Drawing Ice Area Distribution Map of Power Grid”.

DL/T1620-2016-"Technical Guidelines for Mountain Fire Risk Prediction of Overhead Transmission Lines”.

T/CSEE 0061-2017 -“Technical Guidelines for Current Ice Melting of Overhead Lines”.

T/CSEE 0125.1-2019 - "Specification for Overhead Transmission Line Monitoring Based on Beidou NavigationSystem Part1: Technical Requirements of Ground Monitoring Device”.

T/CSEE 0060-2017-“Technical Specification for Overhead Transmission Line Channel Wildfire SatelliteMonitoring System”.

Q/GDW 636-2011 -"permanent DC Deicer Handover Test and Acceptance Procedures” .Q/GDW 716-2012 -"Technical Guidelines for Current Deicing of Transmission Lines”.

Q/GDw 11643-2016 -"Guidelines for Drawing Mountain Fire Distribution Map of Overhead Transmission Line”.Q/GDw 11792-2017 -"Technical Guidelines for Transmission Line Galloping Prediction”.

4. Software Copyrights

SKL owns 58 software copyrights in the field of the power grid.

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