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Relevant Implementation Standards for Arresters

May 20 , 2023

Common implementation standards for arresters (requirements vary from country to country) :

GB18802.1-2002.UL1283Filter, GB11032-2010,




UL1449.2 nd Edition

China's lightning protection system is now implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, PRC since December 1, 2012: GB50343-2012 "Lightning Protection Technical Specifications for Building Electronic Information System" and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, PRC since October 1, 2011: GB50057 -2010 Code for Lightning Protection for Building Design.

IEC 62305-1-2006

Lightning protection

IEC/TR 61400-24-2002

Wind turbine generator system. Part 24: Lightning protection devices IEC61400-24

IEC 61400-5-54-2002

Grounding measures, protection conductors, and protection cables are IEC60364-5-54

IEC 60099

Surge Arresters

GB 15599-1995

Lightning safety code for petroleum and petroleum installations

GB 50057-2010

Code for Design of Lightning Protection for Buildings (with Provision) (2010 Edition)

GB 50343-2004

Technical specification for lightning Protection of electronic information systems in Buildings (with provisions)

GB/T 19271-2003

Protection of lightning electromagnetic pulse

GB/T 19663-2005

Protection of lightning electromagnetic pulse

GB/T 19663-2005

Information systems lightning protection terminology

GB/T 19856-2005

Lightning protection

GB/T 21431-2008

Technical specification for testing lightning protection devices in buildings

GB/T 21714-2008

Lightning protection

GB/T 2900.12-2008

Terms for electrical engineering arresters, low voltage surge protectors and components

GB/T 7450-1987

Guidelines for lightning protection of electronic equipment

GJB 5080-2004

Lightning protection design and application requirements for military communication facilities

GJB 1210-1991

Implementation of grounding lap and shield design

GJB 2269-1996

Technical requirements for lightning protection in rear ammunition depots

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