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What is the General Market Value of Anti Pollution Flashover Coating (RTV/PRTV)?

May 17 , 2023

Anti-pollution flashover coating, as a power safety protective coating, mainly serves to prevent electric discharge and pollution flashover.

So, the prices of anti-fouling flashover coatings in shopping malls are also diverse, ranging from tens to hundreds to thousand. The prices are really diverse. As users who have not had contact with them before, how should we choose anti-fouling flashover coatings and how to distinguish how much money the anti-fouling flashover coating we should choose? 

First, let's learn about anti-pollution flashover coatings:

Generally, under severe weather conditions such as fog, dew, drizzle and other environments, flashovers will occur along the wet insulator surface, which will cause pollution flashover accidents in the power system. Pollution flashover often poses a threat to the safe and stable operation of the power system, with lighter cases affecting the local power supply, while heavier cases may have an impact on the power grid, even causing the entire power grid to break down. So the impact of pollution flashover on the power supply system has caused huge economic losses to people.

The natural accumulation of pollution on the surface of electric porcelain for outdoor equipment in the power system is inevitable. With the accelerated development of China's social and economic progress, atmospheric pollution is becoming increasingly serious, and pollution in various regions is increasing. The range of salt density values has increased compared to previous years. The configuration of porcelain insulation is generally low, and the number of lines is increasing year by year. There are a small number of professionals specializing in an anti-pollution flashover, and considering factors such as unstable voltage operation and transformation, as well as the harm to birds, the harm of pollution flashover is increasing. This puts forward higher requirements for social operation and maintenance. Pollution flashover "is a long-standing problem that has troubled the safety of power transmission and distribution systems, seriously endangering the stability and reliability of power grid operation. To solve this problem, anti-pollution flashover coatings can be used.

Characteristics and performance of anti-pollution flashover coatings

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, abbreviated as RTV anti-pollution flash coating, has been rapidly developed and widely used as a new technology and material in China in recent years due to its outstanding characteristics of long-term effect and maintenance free.

In China, RTV coatings have gone through a development process of multi-component, bicomponent, and single-component. After years of grid operation, the product quality is excellent and has been applied in more than ten provinces and cities across the country. With nearly a decade of successful operation experience, it has been welcomed and praised by engineering and technical personnel and workers. This product is designed specifically for the prevention of pollution flashovers in power transmission and distribution systems, and has the following significant characteristics:

1. Excellent hydrophobicity and fast, balanced, and sustained hydrophobicity migration;

2. High resistance to pollution flashover voltage, arc resistance, leakage resistance, and excellent electrical insulation;

3. High modulus, high strength, high adhesion, high corrosion resistance, meeting the requirements of condition-based maintenance;

4. Ozone resistant, UV resistant, environmental ageing resistant, non-peeling, non-cracking;

5. Long effective operation time, simple maintenance, no cleaning during the validity period, and high efficiency;

6. Contributed to the safe and stable operation of the power system.

Nowadays, the power industry is increasingly recognizing anti-pollution flashover coatings, and anti-pollution flashover coatings have become an indispensable anti-pollution flashover measures in the power industry. The impact of anti-pollution flashover coatings on the power industry is also increasing, and the country requires strict quality control to ensure stable power transmission for more and more lines and substations. So how do we choose anti-pollution flashover coatings?

Firstly, it is necessary to choose a legitimate manufacturer, which means having a production license.

Secondly, products must have testing reports from authoritative institutions. In the industry, the relatively authoritative testing reports are China Electric Power Research Institute and Wuhan High School Institute. Of course, if it is dual authoritative testing, it would be even better.

The third is that nationally patented products, must have formal qualifications and rich construction experience.

Regarding the price of anti-pollution flash coating (RTV/PRTV)

Our anti-pollution flash coating meets all the above requirements. The price of our company's products needs to be determined based on different projects and construction periods in each region. We also have detailed plans for the required personnel, construction period, and weather to ensure the timely and high-quality completion of construction tasks.

Chinese anti-pollution flash coating

There are many ways in the market to prevent pollution flashover of electricity, and many users choose anti-pollution flashover coating equipment for prevention. The main factor is closely related to the characteristics and advantages of its use.

Nowadays, cities often experience severe pollution weather such as haze in the autumn and winter seasons, where salt particles adhere to the surface of the hardware and insulators of the power lines, forming a layer of dirt. Encountering cloudy and rainy weather, network failures are highly likely to occur, causing line trips and power outages. It will form what we call a flashy imagination. Recently, fog (haze) weather has been severe nationwide, and with the increase of air humidity caused by low temperatures and rainy weather, it is very easy to cause circuit flashovers. To prevent the occurrence of pollution flashover faults on transmission lines, centralized inspection work for pollution flashover prevention is organized.

In order to prevent unnecessary pollution flashovers this time, it is important not to take it lightly during the cleaning of transmission line workers. Furthermore, it is necessary to focus on the pollution areas of heavy industries such as chemical plants, cement plants, steel plants, and mining plants, or the dust pollution areas caused by municipal construction. In the inspection of transmission lines, the focus is on conducting a survey of porcelain insulators and glass insulators, paying attention to the self-exposure of glass insulators, the sound of corona discharge, and the phenomenon of arc climbing. Any abnormalities found should be reported immediately. And timely conduct night special inspections based on work, observe the phenomenon of insulator arc climbing and listen to the sound of corona discharge.

Guangdong anti-pollution flash coating

Carry out infrared temperature measurement work for transmission equipment that has been in heavily polluted areas for a long time, and pay attention to the heating situation of transmission equipment with high corona sound and surface arc climbing phenomenon. According to the distribution map of the pollution area, it is also possible to carry out climbing work on insulation equipment that does not meet the requirements according to the plan. In combination with the power outage plan of the transmission line, live working personnel can be organized to thoroughly clean the line insulators.

Only by doing a comprehensive job in preventing pollution flashovers, timely identifying hidden dangers in transmission line equipment, improving equipment's ability to withstand harsh winter weather, and increasing equipment safety factors can we ensure the stable operation of the power grid and provide assistance for the normal and stable operation of market electricity usage. So far, the company has conducted more than 20-night patrols in combination with heavy fog and haze weather, and conducted infrared temperature measurements on 20 lines in heavily polluted areas, Insulator cleaning and spraying of PRTV coating were carried out on 35 base towers, and the creepage distance of insulators was adjusted in a timely manner. At the same time, in order to better prevent the occurrence of pollution flashovers, necessary preventive measures should be taken, and emergency handling measures in case of accidents are all things that users need to learn now!

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