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The Relationship between Spring Inspection of Electric Power and Anti Pollution Flashover Coatings for Power System Maintenance

May 14 , 2023

In March of each year, the annual power spring inspection comes again, and power workers who have not yet rested start to engage in busy work. The spring inspection of power facilities is like a physical examination of the same person. Electric power facilities are far more expensive than people, because employees undergo a spring inspection every 2 years, while electric power facilities undergo an annual inspection. Physical examinations for employees have only been available in the past twenty years, and spring inspections for power facilities are ten years earlier than for people.

Spring inspection requires a power outage. It should be noted that the current society cannot do without electricity. In terms of the country's economy and social development, and in small terms, family life. A life without electricity is simply deadly, relying on habits and having no substitutes.

On the other hand, spring inspection also brings great losses to the power supply system. The materials and labour required for spring inspection are significant expenses, and the cost of spring inspection in the huge power system can be imagined. Moreover, the operating indicators such as electricity sales also bring great losses.

Is it okay not to have a spring inspection? It's hard to say, like others, some people come here to live their entire lives in a daze, while others look healthy and accompany them to see a doctor, seeing many troubles and troubles. Without seeing a doctor, it may be fine because mental health has a significant impact and can enhance resistance. Many private power equipment, without maintenance for many years, suffers from severe leakage and cannot clearly see the true nature of the equipment. They are greasy but still working normally. Is it okay not to inspect the power supply equipment in spring? Perhaps it is, but it carries great risks because if the equipment malfunctions, it will bring incalculable losses to the entire society. A power outage indicates a social regression, which is terrifying. The southern ice disaster in 2008 was a typical case. The power system should not only consider personal profits but also bear social responsibility. Taking into account all factors, it is not feasible to carry out spring power inspections.

The previous spring inspection was for equipment that entered the network, regardless of age, and was conducted once a year. In recent years, dynamic spring inspection has been proposed in a more scientific manner, as some equipment has just been put into production before the spring inspection. Spring inspection requirements should be specified based on the age of the equipment.

Just like people, who have seen children and primary and secondary school students undergo physical examinations every 2 years, which means that adults have this need. If they enter old age, they probably need to see a doctor every year or for a shorter period.

That is to say, sacrificing a period of time for spring inspection is to ensure that there is no power outage within a year, and to provide reliable electricity for the development of society and the lives of the people. In this way, the power supply system is not simple.

Before the spring inspection, the safety tools and instruments must be inspected and tested first, and the iron must be made hard by oneself. Many tools, such as safety helmets, safety belts, and foot buckles, need to undergo pre-stress tests. As people say, they should smash and pull to check the safety of the tools and see if they are sturdy. But this experiment is destructive and inappropriate. Reduce the service life, but it is not practical. In addition, during the spring inspection, the equipment is subjected to a high-voltage test to test its insulation level. The starting point is good, but it is also necessary to reduce the service life. Just like a building with a seismic design capability of level 5, it needs to be shaken and shaken every year with a simulated earthquake of level 7. I'm afraid this building can't bear it. The people in the building need good psychological qualities to sleep with one eye closed. But safety tools and instruments ensure personal safety. For the safety of employees and the normal development of society, this type of experiment still needs to be carried out, and there are losses, but they are very valuable.

The power spring inspection is a major battle, involving a large number of departments, personnel, energy, manpower, and material resources, no less than the three major battles of that year. The spring inspection of electric power is concerned about personal injury and death. In order to solve this problem, many regulations and systems have been introduced, and various forms of training courses have been held. Leaders at all levels have participated in strict and frequent safety regulations exams, and the number of safety inspections and supervision during the spring inspection process can all be declared as Guinness World Records.

However, habitual violations continue to be repeatedly prohibited. These violators are among the many who swear their oath at the conference, including leaders' illegal commands, employees' illegal operations, and so on.

There are three reasons for this:

One reason is that employees do not cherish their lives and are not aware of their role as pillars in the family, which is due to the close relationship between human safety awareness and living standards.

The second reason is that the competent department's assessment is inadequate and not in place. Poor assessment means that the punishment is too light, neither painful nor itchy. Poor assessment means that although the intensity is not strong, even such punishment that is neither painful nor itchy may not be implemented in place.

The third is that the manager and the managed person are not inverted, the manager thinks they are great, and the managed person thinks I am violating regulations and managing my affairs. It's just a replica of drivers and traffic police. The solution is to learn management from Singapore. Change from 5 cents per puff of phlegm to 50 or 100 yuan per puff.

Strengthen the safety awareness and pillar awareness of employees in sequence. The same applies to managers.

At present, the safety management of spring inspections in the main network is basically in place, and the safety management of spring inspections in each county branch company should focus on the grassroots level and the safety management of low-voltage power facilities and power supply stations in the rural network. This is because the low-voltage network in the rural power grid is distributed in the vast countryside, with a wide range of points. The power maintenance personnel in the power supply station are few and heavy, and the quality of personnel is poor, making it difficult to consider safety supervision. There are habitual violations and fluke mentality in both ticket management and on-site management. This is also the main task for the power management department in the future and even for a considerable period of time.

The success rate of spring inspections is also a problem, and the opportunistic thinking of Chinese people is inherent. The management department has also made efforts to tie red cloth strips on the poles, implement a cycle-following system, and assess the completion rate, but the results are not very reassuring. I am really worried about the quality of the spring inspection, and the solution to this problem still needs to sign a responsibility system, impose severe penalties, or hand it over to professional maintenance companies in society.

Despite all the difficulties and problems, the power spring inspection still needs to continue. This means that the power enterprises mentioned above are different from other enterprises, and they bear a heavy social responsibility. Generally, accidents in enterprises may be caused by one person or one factory. However, accidents in power enterprises not only bring losses to the enterprise but also a series of interconnected social problems. Transportation, banking, communication, and government may all be paralyzed. Therefore, In order to ensure the normal operation of society, electric power personnel bear too much responsibility. In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, electric power personnel must conduct spring inspections of equipment to ensure the normal operation of power facilities. This also requires understanding and support from society.

So ensuring the stable operation of electricity is of utmost importance. Utilizing the power outage during the spring inspection period to ensure the next stage of power protection is the main task of power workers, and applying the anti-pollution flash coating is currently an effective and sustainable method.

Anti-pollution flash coating

Concept Introduction

Anti-pollution flashover coatings, also known as room-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, are divided into RTV anti-pollution flashover coatings and PRTV anti-pollution flashover coatings. They are mainly used for anti-pollution flashover work on power system insulators or external insulation of electrical equipment. Among them, PRTV anti-pollution flashover coatings, also known as long-term anti-pollution flashover coatings, have better project indicators than RTV anti-pollution flashover coatings, mainly including hydrophobicity, electrical performance, physical and mechanical properties, etc.

Application scope

Anti-pollution flashover coating products are mainly used for long-lasting anti-pollution flashover of external insulation in power system substations and transmission line insulators, power plants and substation equipment, as well as other electrical equipment. After using this product on insulators, a composite porcelain (or glass) insulator with an anti-pollution flashover coating is formed to improve the external insulation configuration of transmission and transformation equipment. Suitable for AC and DC systems with ambient temperatures ranging from -50 ° C to 100 ° C and various voltage levels, as well as for substations and overhead transmission line equipment operating under polluted conditions. External insulation is anti-fouling, preventing flashover, and improving the external insulation level of equipment.

Our company's RTV performance characteristics:

1) Ensure stable operation of power equipment.

2) The coating is a single-component coating that does not need to be mixed during use. After the sealed packaging is opened, it can be directly sprayed and coated on the surface of the electric porcelain. After contact with water molecules in the air, it solidifies into a film, ensuring quality, reducing waste, and making construction simple.

3) The coating has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, strong hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity migration, strong adhesion, and long service life.

4) The flammability index of the coating shall not be lower than the FV-0 level. This indicator is particularly suitable for the insulation and pollution prevention work of DC transmission and transformation equipment in the power system.

5) The residue after coating combustion is non-conductive, leaving no hidden dangers for equipment operation.

6) Under normal use of the equipment, the power external insulation equipment sprayed with RTV coating can be free from cleaning and maintenance. Save a lot of manpower and material resources for cleaning external insulation equipment (generally tentatively scheduled for ten years).

7) The coating is packaged in iron drums (5 kg/piece), and 4 iron drums (20 kg) are packaged in one piece (cardboard box).

In order to further improve the service life of RTV coatings, improve their comprehensive performance, and make them hydrophobic and self-cleaning, a new type of anti-fouling flashover coating - Power Ultra Long Term Anti fouling Flashover Coating (PRTV Anti fouling Flashover Coating) has been born.

PRTV coatings have better water-increasing and hydrophobic migration properties than RTV anti-fouling flashover coatings, as well as a certain degree of oil repellency and good non-stickiness. Under harsh weather conditions, continuous water film may appear along the surface of damp and dirty insulators, leading to flashover. When applying PRTV coating, due to its hydrophobicity and migration, the surface of the pollution layer also has hydrophobicity. There are only discontinuous small water droplets on the surface of the pollution layer, which will not be soaked or connected, greatly improving the anti-pollution flashover performance of power equipment. Compared to the number of hydrophobic groups inside PRTV, the number of naturally lost hydrophobic groups is very small, so the effective life of PRTV is very long. Compared with RTV coatings, PRTV coating-based adhesives have a longer service life in nature. The modified negative polarity molecular groups inside PRTV after special technology treatment are much more abundant than RTV coatings, which is also one of the reasons for their long service life. PRTV power ultra long-term anti-pollution flashover coating can be widely used for external insulation and anti-pollution flashover of power transmission and transformation equipment.

PRTV performance usage characteristics:

1) Greatly increase the external insulation pollution flashover voltage of power transmission and transformation equipment, and the pollution flashover voltage can be doubled to ensure the stable operation of power equipment.

2) When in use, it can be directly sprayed onto the surface of electric porcelain, and solidified into a film after contact with air, ensuring quality, reducing waste, and making construction and use convenient.

3) The coating material has hydrophobicity and unique hydrophobicity migration characteristics, that is, hydrophobicity can migrate to the surface of the dirty layer, and no continuous water film is formed on the coating surface in bad weather (rain, fog, dew, drizzle).

4) Under normal use of the equipment, the external insulation of the power equipment can be free from cleaning and maintenance. Save a lot of manpower and material resources for cleaning external insulation (generally tentatively scheduled for more than 20 years).

5) The coating surface has hydrophobicity, effectively preventing cement and chemical pollution from scaling on its surface. Therefore, this product can be widely used in various natural and industrial environments.

6) Excellent insulation performance, excellent mechanical performance, strong adhesion, anti-dust adhesion, corrosion resistance, long service life, corona resistance, aging resistance, good anti-icing effect and excellent weather resistance.

7) The coating is non-combustible and has a combustion level of FV-0 after curing. It is non-toxic and has a special odour.

8) The coating is packaged in iron drums (5 kg/piece), and 4 iron drums (20 kg) are packaged in one piece (cardboard box).

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