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On RTV Antifouling Flash Coating Market

Mar 23 , 2023

Insulator antifouling flashover coating (RTV) application background

With the rapid development of the national economy, the application of electricity is also increasing dramatically, and the stability of electricity is affecting the life of residents, the industrial zone economy, big data, etc. The concentration of urban life and industrial park makes the power load increase its hidden danger. Outdoor electrical equipment is affected by the environment, and temperature difference, due to a variety of cables, and terminals from the underground/channel interspersed into a variety of boxes, resulting in a certain gap between the cabinet and the external seal, easy to let moisture through the bottom of the box into the cabinet, high and low-temperature difference and humid environment easy to produce condensation, so that internal equipment failure display, electrical indicator, operating mechanism rust, Cabinet bottom and bottom plate are easy to be corroded, which increases the maintenance cost and shortens the service life. The sealing material of outdoor equipment boxes and cabinets is particularly critical.

Insulator antifouling flashover coating RTV uses high polymer forming technology to form a full seal on the bottom gap of electrical equipment; Resistant to natural temperature freeze-thaw cycle and a variety of harsh environments, because it is not easy to deform, not easy to deteriorate, no cracking, UV resistance, ageing resistance and other characteristics and a variety of metal materials, cable/terminal sheath material can be bonded firmly, and not easy to produce chemical reactions; It is an excellent material for electric equipment operation and moisture-proof sealing operation.

Performance characteristics of antifouling flashover coating for insulators (RTV)

a. After the sealing material is mixed and formed, it has strong adhesion, is fire-proof, moisture-proof, sealing and has an excellent anti-seismic effect.

b. High elongation: Soft material makes mechanical stress more stable.

c. High polymer sealing material after curing moulding inertia, good resistance to high and low temperatures, can be stable at -40~250℃ for long-term work.

d. High-temperature electrical insulation is excellent, not affected by high and low-temperature environments, to provide protection for high voltage cabinets, outdoor ring network electrical boxes, and a variety of electric power cabinets.

e. After sealing, the insulation between internal components and lines can be improved to protect the stable use of lines in high-pressure environments.

Application scope of antifouling flashover coating for insulators (RTV)

Outdoor ring network cabinet sealing, transformer cabinet, electrical power box cabinet, outdoor electric knife brake box, high and low voltage switch cabinet, manifold control unit cabinet, transformer outdoor terminal box, mechanism operating box, high and low voltage electrical box, transformer terminal box, photovoltaic materials, semiconductor devices, sensors, car computer ECUs with certain requirements of sealing, etc. It plays the role of flame retardant, waterproof, moisture proof, dust proof, shock proof, sealing and insulation.

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